scrabble 007

Recently a customer asked me to make a Scrabble themed cake for their mother’s 60th birthday and it gave me yet another opportunity to play with one of my favourite gadgets – my edible ink printer. It was a pricey investment and both the ink refills and special icing paper aren’t cheap but I have to say overall it was worth it. They’re not just good for embarrassing edible photos. They’re also good for logos, labels and backgrounds.

To make the scrabble Cake you’ll need:

9″ Square cake,

iced Edible ink printer

1 A4 Edible icing sheet

1-3 A4 Wafer paper sheets

Edible glue & brush

Modelling paste

Caramel Ivory Food Colour Paste

I downloaded this image of a game board from google images, cropped it and printed it onto the A4 Edible Icing sheet. I then downloaded this image of Scrabble tiles and printed enough copies onto wafer paper to get the letters I needed. Wafer paper is cheaper than edible icing sheets and the letters don’t need to be as crisp as the board.

Once printed I trimmed the board print, carefully peeled off the backing and gently glued it to the top of the cake, smoothing out any air-bubbles. I then cut out the wafer paper letter tiles I needed.

Scrabble tiles on wafer paper

I rolled out my caramel coloured modelling paste. Using the glue I stuck the wafer letters onto the smooth surface.scrabble 002

When they’d dried a little bit I trimmed round them to make 3D tiles.

scrabble 003

I arranged the tiles into the desired message and piped round the edges of the Scrabble board to cover the joins. A few extra tiles on the board add to the 3D effect and any left-over wafer letters can be glued round the side.

scrabble 005